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Certification Training. Certified Installers. Solar Done Right.

Professional Solar Training

Accredited NABCEP PV certification training programs offered in California and Hawaii for contractors and people seeking a new career in the solar industry. Programs include solar PV and solar thermal design and installation, advanced solar design, OSHA safety and solar sales training.

Courses are currently offered only to groups of 10 or more students.

Contract Installation Services

Licensed in California and Hawaii, STI has the expertise you need to design, install or troubleshoot your PV or solar thermal systems. We specialize in rooftop and ground mount systems, light commercial and off-grid battery based systems. Hire the solar experts!

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Residential Installations

Leverage our expertise to design your residential PV system. We provide a full range of residential PV systems including grid-tied, off-grid and battery backup, EV charging stations, and solar carports & patios. And we offer great financing options; solar leases and low interest solar loans.

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NABCEP Certification Training & Certified Installers

STI offers professional solar training courses, premium solar installation services and expertise in the repair and maintenance of PV systems. Embracing the highest standards of our industry, STI is fully accredited as a solar education Institute offering accelerated coursework our students need to launch meaningful careers within the solar power industry.  As an experienced solar installation and repair Contractor, STI brings an unsurpassed level of expertise and safety to all installation projects.

The Industry Leaders in Professional Solar Training Classes Since 2009

The Solar Training Institute provides accelerated training classes for contractors, electricians, engineers, solar energy entrepreneurs, sales people and anyone who is considering a career change in the growing solar industry.

Our solar training programs, which are based on NABCEP Certification requirements, are structured to help individuals and licensed contractors transition into the solar industry or solar job market. Our courses in Photovoltaic (PV) installation, system design, solar hot water, OSHA Safety and solar sales help business owners and workers meet the requirements of launching a solar panel installation business or finding green collar jobs in the solar industry.

We have surpassed our mission to become the leading educational provider to the renewable energy industry by utilizing standardized training methods and teaching practices that will prepare workers and businesses with the knowledge and experience to succeed. This is demonstrated in being awarded by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC®) as an ISPQ Accredited Training Program, the renewable industry's highest credential for quality in training.
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