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Course #500: PV Design and Installation Certificate Course Outline

5-Day Training Schedule

STI has an accelerated educational schedule that thoroughly covers all essential elements necessary for certification.

Day 1 and 2
Day 3
Day 4 and 5    
Solar installation lecture
Solar site survey and selection
Solar lab for hands-on training

Course Details

PV Overview, Equipment, Electric Grid and Renewable Energy

  • Electric Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Renewable Energy and REC’s
  • Solar Energy Systems, History, Innovations and Applications 
  • Earth/ Sun Relationship, Solar Radiation, Insulation and Irradiation
  • Electric Theory –AC vs. DC, Watts, Amps, Volts
  • Solar Equipment types and Configurations

Solar Panel Components, Panels, Cells, Array, P/N Relationship, Bypass Diodes

  • Inverters, Electrical, Racking and Design
  • Inverters –Sizing, Types, DC/ AC Inversion and Central vs. Micro
  • Electric Code,  NEC 690 and Utility Requirements 
  • Racking Options, Mechanical Integration and Metals Interaction
  • Maintenance, Trouble Shooting, Monitoring
  • PV Solar System Design – Online System Sizing Tools & Google Earth
  • System Sizing Grid Tied Systems and Average Sun Hours by Location
Site Survey, Sizing and Selection

  • PV Module and Inverter specifications
  • PV Array specifications
  • Array String calculations and sizing
  • BOS (Balance of System) and selection
  • Voltage drop and grounding considerations
  • Basic conductor calculation and sizing
  • Structural Assessment, Site Preparation, and Roof Variations
  • Tools –Solmetric Sun Eye, Solar Pathfinder, Calculator, Compass and Degrees of Incline
  • Grid Tied PV Solar System Sizing – Online System Sizing Tools
  • PV Watts and Average Sun Hours by Location
  • Permitting, drawings and plan sets

Hands-on Lab

  • Site preparation
  • Electrical analysis and location layout
  • Structural assessment and mechanical attachment
  • PV mounting rails and panel attachment
  • PV array conductor and grounding wire configuration and attachment
  • Wire management and panel mounting
  • Safety standards
  • System commissioning
  • Final inspection
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
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