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Commercial Solar Kits for the Do-It-Yourselfer

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(From Westinghouse web site) Add sunshine to your operating budget.

As Westinghouse Solar cleans up the environment, it also restores your bottom line. You reduce operating expenses and achieve level energy costs.

Going green makes sense for your business.

In many ways, choosing Westinghouse Solar makes a lot of sense for your business. Beyond doing something good for the environment, you’ll reduce energy costs. Solar energy delivers a fixed cost that you can budget for each month. And, customers will appreciate your commitment to the environment.

STI Solar will Design Commercial Kit for You.

Just give us specs by phone, or fill out our online site survey form and we'll design you a custom AC 235 Watt Kit...
Custom Commercial AC 235 watt Kits Include:

     Westinghouse Solar 235 watt AC panels
     5 degree Flat Roof Mounting System
     interconnection splices
     N-S mounting brackets

     240 VAC wiring connectors
     Westinghouse Solar installation wrenches

Westinghouse Solar Enphase Envoy Communications and Monitoring Unit

1 - Internet energy monitoring unit (EMU) and includes a lifetime license for up to 250 panels

Internet monitoring so you can view your system performance anywhere you have internet access

Plugs into an AC outlet to measure system results directly over your existing home wiring

Requires internet service and router to achieve internet monitoring access

Only compatible with Westinghouse Solar AC Solar Power Systems

Legal Disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all products are installed and operated in accordance with local and national building codes as specific by the NEC (National Electric Code), UBC (Uniform Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code) and local utility company policy. These codes may vary from city to city and county to county. All solar installations should be permitted and inspected, where required, by  the local inspection authority in the same manner as other equivalent electrical systems. It is always a good idea to contract with a local licensed electrician to at least do the final electrical connection of your AC 235 Solar Power System from the AC disconnect to your home utility breaker box. Some local permitting authorities require that a licensed electrician do all the wiring from the rack to the utility interconnect.

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1kW 4 Panel AC 235 watt Kit

1kW 4 Panel AC 235 watt Kit

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