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PV Installer Certification.

According to NABCEP, the PV installer certification is a voluntary certification that provides a set of national standards by which PV installers with skills and experience can distinguish themselves from their competition. Certification provides a measure of protection to the public by giving them a credential for judging the competency of practitioners. It is not intended to prevent qualified individuals from installing PV systems nor to replace state licensure requirements.

As the PV market continues to grow and evolve, many state and local jurisdictions now require that the system be installed by NABCEP certified PV Installers. Consumers of solar PV systems of all sizes become more informed about NABCEP Certification, any many are asking if the company or installers are certified.

Basic Requirements: Education, Training and Experience
The prerequisites for becoming a NABCEP Certified Installer are a combination of education, instructor-lead training by a registered provider, and field experience. Exact requirements may vary but the new training requirement includes 58 hours of instruction.

Our Course #500: PV Design and Installation meets the 40 hour requirement, and there are a number of options to obtain the additional 18 hours. Contact an STI solar career advisor for more information or visit the NABCEP website for details about these requirements.

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