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Residential Solar Installation Services

Complete Turnkey Installation
Grid-tied PV Systems
Off-grid and Battery Backup
Roof and Ground Mount
Solar Carports and Patios
EV Charging Stations
Solar Leases
Power Purchase Agreements
System Maintenance/Repair
NABCEP Certified
Solar Installation Services in California and Hawaii

Now homeowners can take advantage of energy cost savings and high quality solar systems though our Residential Solar Division.

We are proud of the fact that all of our solar installers have completed a nationally recognized certification training to ensure quality, safety and the highest standards set forth by the NABCEP Certification Board. We are the only company in our industry that can offer this, and we are also one of the very few in Hawaii that has a NABCEP PV Certified Installer on our team.

That’s why you can trust STI to design and install your system.

At STI, we're certified solar experts
As certified solar experts, we leverage our nationally recognized credentials, and installation and design resources to provide high quality Installation Services for homeowners.

We offer the following systems and services to help you maximize your investment:

  • Residential grid-tied systems
  • Residential battery based systems – “off-grid” (not connected to the utility grid used in remote areas) and battery back-up systems (which provides electricity to your home when the lights go out during a black out)
  • Ground mount systems for homeowners that have available land and not enough roof space
  • Solar patios, carports, porticos and portable shade structures
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
  • Maintenance, system management monitoring and warranty services

Residential Solar Financing
Aside from purchasing your system from STI Solar outright, we offer our customers attractive financing options allowing you to save thousands of dollars over the finance term and start saving on the first month with no money down.

STI will design, install and maintain the system at no cost to you – you simply lease the system and enjoy the benefits of solar without the responsibility of any maintenance or repair issues. As part of our performance guarantee, we continually monitor the performance of the system 24/7, and we service and maintain the system at no cost to you for the entire length of the agreement. If there are any problems caused by normal wear and tear with the system, we repair or replace it…at our expense.

With residential solar financing, you can start saving money on the electric bills in the first month without putting any money down. Homeowners simply make monthly lease payments that when combined with the new lower electricity bill are less than what the homeowner is paying today. The result is excellent solar savings without any upfront money.

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CA License# 977907 (dba STI Solar Electric Services)
HI License# CT-32594
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